300x1 Ribbon Guide

Most 300x1 will ship to you with ribbon and labels preinstalled. Follow this guide to understand how to replace a ribbon roll or replace a roll of labels.

1. Open Printer

Open the printer by pulling up on both tabs on the side of the printer.

open printer


2. Open Print Head

Press on the teal button to unlock the print head.

open print head

Lift the print head all the way up.

lift print head upward

3. Load the Label Roll

If you haven't already, load the label roll on the label spindle.

  • Center the roll using the fins
  • Unlock the label guides and open to widest setting
  • Insert paper under metal bar, guides, and teal sensor arm
  • Hint: Before inserting, fold a few labels face-in so the curve is easier to direct under the metal bar
  • Close the label guides until label doesn't slide left or right
  • Lock the label guides
  • Ensure labels travel smoothly
load the paper

4. Load NEW Ribbon

Hold the NEW ribbon spool so the hex ⬣ side is on the left, pointy side to right.

Load the ribbon roll onto the NEW ribbon spool so the ribbon unrolls from the bottom.

Insert the hex ⬣ side first (left), then slide the pointy side into place (right).

load ribbon

5. Stick NEW Ribbon to USED Spool

Open the NEW ribbon and stick to the USED spool. If the ribbon leader is not sticky you can use a piece of tape or label.

open new spool

6. Begin Winding

begin winding

7. Continue Winding

Wind until the ribbon turns black and smooth.

continue winding

8. Close Print Head

Press the print head down firmly until both sides click into place. Roll up any extra slack in the ribbon.

Tip: Ensure the ribbon covers the label area where you need to print.

close print head

9. Turn On and Calibrate

The first time you turn on a mydpi printer it will perform a calibration. This will advance ribbon. At any time you can run an automatic calibration by holding the feed button (front-bottom-right) until the printer beeps, then let go.

Each press of the feed button should eject one label.

turn on and calibrate

You are ready to print!