Calibrate Labels with Holes

mydpi labels with holes

If your label has off-center holes you will need to reposition the mydpi label sensors. For labels with no holes please see our normal calibration page.

Positioning Sensors

There are two sensors that can be moved together. One is circular (left) and the other is square (right).

For labels with holes:

  • Position the square sensor (right) so it's looking through the hole
  • The circle sensor (left) should be under the label

Here's what it will look like:

mydpi label calibration holes

Next, perform a "Black Line / Hole" calibration:

  1. Open a Label LIVE design window
  2. On the Print tab, select the mydpi printer
  3. Scroll down to Commands and click Calibrate and then "Black Line / Hole"
  4. Press the feed button: Each button press should eject one label

Read more about Calibration using Label LIVE

Label LIVE Design Templates

Manufacturer templates are available for the following labels: